Thursday, May 13, 2021
Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Old Photographs Of Water Flooding Shared With Misleading Claims Related to Exam Centres

A social media user tweeted four images claiming it to be of exam centres in India. The four different photographs in context show areas...

Bhutan Has Not Stopped The Flow Of Irrigation Water To Indian Farmers

Claim  A tweet by Subramanian Swamy claims that Bhutan has stopped the flow of irrigation water for Indian farmers. Posted on 25 June, his tweet received...

Is Doordarshan Streaming ‘Ramayana’ From A Moser Baer DVD Along With The Watermark?

Claim Neha Dixit, a journalist who writes for Al Jazeera, Washington Post, The Wire, and The Caravan made an ‘Inane’ tweet to claim that India’s...

Does Gargling With Saline Water Prevent Deadly Coronavirus? No, Here’s a fact check

Claim: Drinking lots of water and gargling with warm water and salt or vinegar eliminates the novel corona virus. Spread the information as you can...

Alleged Audio Clip By Dr Trehan From Medanta Hospitals Is Fake

Whatsapp message related to COVID-19 pandemic along with an audio clip attributed to Dr Trehan from Medanta Hospitals is false. The hospital chain has clarified the same on their official Twitter and Facebook page.

Puducherry CM Narayanasamy Mistranslates To Rahul Gandhi, Later Clarifies On Twitter

It's true that Puducherry’s CM Narayanasamy mistranslated a fisherwoman’s words during an interaction, but says she falsely accused.

Old Images Of A Religious Leader Falsely Shared In Context Of Ongoing Farmers’ Protest

Three images of a man in different clothing are being shared on social media in context of the ongoing farmers’ protest. The first image...

Different Images Of Tractors With Spikes Falsely Shared In Farmers’ Protest Context

India’s Republic Day witnessed violent clashes between the police and protesting farmers in the national capital after a few tractors deviated from designated routes...

Viral Video Of Distressed Auto-Rickshaw Driver Is From Bangladesh, Not India

Social media users shared a video of a distressed auto rickshaw driver talking to a reporter. The video also shows a cycle auto-rickshaw being...

Video Of Children & Women Emerging Out Of A Truck Is Not Related To Human Trafficking

A Twitter user shared a video which shows children and women emerging out of a truck. The user claimed that the truck from Syria...

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