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New Twitter CEO’s Tweets Shared Without Context, Parag Agarwal Tweets To Clarify ‘Misinformation’

Parag Agarwal took over as the new CEO of twitter on  29th  April, 2021 after Jack Dorsey stepped down from the post. Parag is an alumnus of IIT Bombay and went on to complete his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University and joined an elite group of Indians holding important positions in multinational tech industries from Google and Microsoft to Adobe and IBM.

While many Indian users took to Twitter to congratulate Parag Agarwal on his achievement, others dug up tweets from as old as 10 years ago, when he just started his twitter account. Many of Parag’s tweets on singer Shreya Ghoshal were also dug up.

Screenshot of tweet @paraga

Meanwhile, American twitter users were weary about this appointment after Twitter had de-platformed the former American president Donald Trump on the grounds of hate speech and inciting violence. Twitter has rolled out many anti-hate speech policies in the past few years which led to the banning of several Right-Wing trolls. Republican users of twitter in America dug up a tweet from Parag’s past where he accused all white people of being racist in a tweet according to them. The image of this tweet has since gone viral and led to being shared and commented on many times. 

Screenshot tweet @paraga

The users affiliated to the Republican Party in USA accused Twitter of appointing another CEO who would support Left-Wing policies following the work done by the likes of the former CEO, Jack Dorsey where he de-plateformed many users for hate-speech and inciting violence on Twitter. Many users on Twitter accused Parag of being racist against white people.

Screenshot tweet @SbGorka
Screenshot tweet @Ryan_J79
Screenshot tweet @HLoveshaft

After the storm these tweets created on social media, Parag had to resort to clarifying his views regarding  his old tweets and the one in particular about calling white people racists. Parag clarified that the tweet in questions used by trolls to delegitimize his appointment was rather him quoting Asif Mandvi, a contributing correspondent on The Daily Show which was a popular American talk show where many eminent politicians in USA and from around the world were called for interviews. The show also indulged in satire as its main tool for its popularity. 

Screenshot tweet @paraga

It also emerged that the famous Indian singer, Shreya Ghosal was a childhood friend of Parag Agarwal and that their respective spouses were friends with each other.

Written by- Vaibhav Bhujang

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