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Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, Congress IT Cell Head Rohan Gupta & Others Falsely Accuse Delhi Police of Setting Ablaze Public Transport


Police is setting fire to buses! Is this BJP’s attempt to divert attention when they know they are losing upcoming elections in Delhi?


Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia followed by Congress IT Cell Incharge Rohan Gupta, Former Lok Sabha candidate from Aam Aadmi Party Atishi Marlena, AAP volunteer Ankit Lal, AAP Supporter Aarti, Journalist Saikat Datta and others claimed that the BJP is using Delhi Police to provoke the violence in Delhi. They presented a video in which a cop can be seen pouring something into the bus.

The intensity of the Claim

Tweet by Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia:

Tweet by Congress IT Cell Incharge Rohan Gupta:

Tweet by Formed LS candidate from AAP Atishi Marlena:


Tweet by South Asia Editor for Asia Times Saikat Datta:


Tweet by AAP Supporter Aarti:


Tweet by AAP volunteer Amit Mishra:


Tweet by AAP supporter Vivek Gupta:


More such claims can be seen here

As we began to fact check this claim, we first searched the internet for more information. We first find a video uploaded on YouTube by the official channel of NDTV. The NDTV video contains the same visual and while the visual is being played on the screen at 4 minutes 8 seconds, the anchor says, “The protesters started becoming a little violent, there were buses which were damaged, they were put on fire, they were lit on fire by the protestors and right now what we are hearing is that the police has managed to control it. You can see the police over there trying to control the protestors.”

In another video uploaded on YouTube by the same official channel, a man who is presented as an eye witness says that the buses were set ablaze by the protestors. He also says that there were passengers inside the bus which was burnt, the passengers begged for mercy but protestors didn’t show any.

In search of more evidence, we further checked Twitter for more details and then we saw a tweet by a journalist named Arvind Gunasekar who is a correspondent for NDTV. He quoted a tweet that claims the same allegations as of Manish Sisodia, Atishi and other AAP volunteers. Arvind’s tweet reads, “No. It was the mob that set these two-wheelers on fire, police personnel tried dousing the fire. I was there… This mob was unruly and this is not the way to protest! Everyone should come together to condemn this violence and destruction of public property”

Since the quoted tweet above is deleted, here’s a screenshot of the tweet Arvind quoted.

In the tweet above you can clearly see Arvind Guneskar has presented himself as a witness of the incident and has clearly mentioned that the cops didn’t set ablaze the vehicles but protestors did.


We also found a series of tweets by news agency ANI in which DCP South East Delhi has issued a statement


To get more clarity on this issue, we tried contacting Delhi Police but we didn’t get any response.

The claim made by Manish Sisodia, Atishi Marlena, Ankit Lal, AAP Volunteers, Journalist Saikat Datta, and others turned out to be ‘False’

From the evidence, it is clear that the claim made by Manish Sisodia, Atishi Marlena, Ankit Lal, AAP Volunteers, Journalist Saikat Datta, and others is ‘Misleading’.



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Result: Misleading

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