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There was no temple at the site of the Pazhayangadi Mosque in Mamallapuram


A Subramanya temple used to exist at the current site of the Pazhayangadi Mosque 6 years ago



A tweet made by a person with the handle ethan_mi7 (Seems inspired from the Mission Impossible series) claims that a Subramanya temple used to exist at the current site of the Pazhayangadi Mosque in Mamallapuram, Kerala. The tweet further states that the temple priest used to allow Muslims to offer their Namaz, and suddenly the temple was made into a Mosque. Nothing can be further from the truth, 



We began our investigation by doing an advanced Twitter Search to determine if more Tweets and Twitter users were sharing similar information or if indeed there was any clarification. While there were many retweets and replies, there were no further tweets on the subject which could give additional background information. 

On doing a reverse image search on Google, we found the exact photo on the Mallapuram District Panchayat website which gives details about this mosque. The mosque, also known as the Kondotty mosque is dedicated to Muhammad Shah, a holy man popularly called as Kondotty Thangal. Valiya Nercha (nercha means offering) or the Kondotty Nercha is one of the popular celebrations conducted here during February / March. The 18th-century mosque follows a Mughal style of architecture – the top dome is made of white marble with exquisite sculptures around.



We got more authentic information about this mosque from the Kerala tourism website. The website states that the mosque has been around for more than 500 years, completely debunking the claim that a temple stood there 6 years ago. 


Not surprisingly, the same post went viral in 2018. Basis of our findings, we can clearly say that this is yet another attempt at spreading fake news and creating disharmony. 


Tools Used

  • Google Reverse Image Search
  • Bing Image Search 
  • Google Keyword Search
  • Twitter Advanced Search


Result: Fake


Rajneil Kamath
Rajneil Kamath
Rajneil began his career in Google with Adwords Content Operations, moved to sales and then to Public Policy and Government Affairs. During his tenure at Google, he got a first-person view of content policy, community guidelines, product policy, and other public policy issues. Post his stint at Google, he founded a technology company before establishing Newschecker. He calls himself a product of the internet and mobile era and is determined to combat disinformation online. He looks after the day to day affairs and management of the organisation and does not participate in the editorial decisions of Newschecker.


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