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A message claiming four common treatments recommended by doctors at Nanavati Hospital is Fake


A message claiming that COVID-19 experts Dr. Ansari & Dr. Limaye at Nanavati Hospital are giving four common treatments to all patients. The message also claims that all hospitals are giving the same treatment. 

We found similar messages being circulated on Facebook as well. You can see one example below:

We also received this message on our Whatsapp Verification helpline asking us to fact check its claims. 


A Whatsapp message claiming that the biggest COVID experts at Nanavati Hospital, Dr. Ansari & Dr. Limaye have informed of four common treatments that are commonly given to all patients as it helps boost immunity. 

The four treatments mentioned in the message are:

1. For vitamin C, warm water with half lemon is given after every few interval

2. Balls of Dry ginger, Jaggery and Ghee 3 times a day

3. Turmeric in hot milk acts as anti corona

4. To take steam at least once a day

On performing an advanced search on Twitter, we came across the same message tweeted by a user on 18 May, 2020. As stated in the tweet, the user posted this message with an intent to clarify its content. On 19 May, a reply to the tweet by Nanavati Hospital’s Twitter account debunked the claim. 

The reply by the hospital said, “While Vitamin C and others help boost immunity against any infection or illness, these are not recommended treatments by our doctors for Coronavirus patients. Please follow any treatment protocols only after consulting your doctor.” 

We found a similar message shared by another Twitter user claiming that Dr. Limaye at the Nanavati Hospital is giving the same four treatments to COVID-19 infected patients. The hospital’s Twitter account posted a clarification in reply to this tweet as well. See below:

As for the other claim in the message which states, “All hospitals are giving this treatment to all,” we found no official source from any hospital saying the same.  


No doctor from Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai has recommended the four treatments mentioned in the viral message to COVID-19 positive patients. The claim in the Whatsapp message is fake. 

Tools Used

Google Search

Twitter Advanced Search 

Result: Fake 

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