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Did a Gujarati daily call Narendra Modi ‘biggest liar in world’?

Several social media users shared a newspaper clipping claiming that a Gujarati daily has called Narendra Modi ‘the biggest liar in the world.’

Shilpi Singh, a former vice president of Madhya Pradesh Congress IT Cell shared a newspaper clipping claiming that ‘an honest’ Gujarati daily has called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi the biggest liar in the world. Several other social media users also shared this viral image.



More such claims can be viewed here.

Fact Check/Verification

We did a reverse image search of the viral image on Google but did not find any reliable information in this process except old claims around the same viral image.


We also searched Google with several combinations of different keywords in English, Hindi and Gujarati but did not get any media report that could establish the claims made in the aforementioned tweet.

Our Gujarati fact-checker also informed us that there is a spelling mistake in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name that is ‘નરેન્દ્ર મોદી’ but incorrectly typed ‘નરેનદર મોદી’. He also pointed out that the kind of language used in the viral clip is unparliamentary, and very unlikely to be used by any prominent and responsible media organization.

Continuing our search, we also performed a reverse image search on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image that is used in the viral clipping. This led us to a 2013 article published by India Today.


We also searched Google for any such survey or study that could back the claims made in the viral post but we did not find anything related to it.


The viral clipping that is doing the rounds on social media is ‘fake’ and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not been called ‘No. 1 or biggest liar in the world’ by a Gujarati daily.

Result: False



Google Search

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