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False Claim Calling PM Narendra Modi A “Dangerous Patriot” Attributed To New York Times

An article calling India’s PM Narendra Modi a “dangerous patriot” has been attributed to Joseph Hope, alleged Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times. 

“Joseph Hope, Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times: Narendra Modi’s sole aim is to make India a better Country… If he is not stopped, in the future… India will become the most Powerful Nation in the World… It will surprise even the USA, the United Kingdom, and Russia..Japan. Narendra Modi is moving towards a specific goal.. No one knows what he wants to do..and his intentions strategy cannot be predicted. Behind the Smiling face, he is a dangerous Patriot.. He uses all the Countries of the world for the benefit of his Nation… India..,” reads the beginning of the claim. 

The last few lines of the claim read, “With the current astounding growth of India, all the Countries in the United Nations will experience the consequences..! Oh, man! I couldn’t even pay someone to write such compliments! Great article, tells u what NO media in India will speak about the achievement of Modi and his foriegn policy.” 

The entire claim can be read in this Twitter thread. And its archived version can be read here.

This claim has been circulating since the start of the year. It’s also been recently shared by Twitter and Facebook users. 

Newschecker received this claim on its Whatsapp tip line for verification. 

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Fact Check/Verification

We first searched the New York Times (NYT) website for the alleged article in the claim but found no such article or opinion piece published by them. Nor could we find anyone named “Joseph Hope” in the “Our People” section of the NYT website.

The NYT website lists Dean Baquet as its Executive Editor.

Screenshot from NYT website showing Dean Baquet as their Executive Editor.

Earlier this year, the official NYT Communications handle tweeted that the claim calling India’s PM Narendra Modi a “dangerous patriot” is false. 

Shared with a screenshot of an article from The Logical Indian that debunks the claim, the NYT tweet reads, “A false claim circulating in India related to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and The New York Times has been fact-checked; it is not true.”

In the screenshot, the NYT spokesperson’s statement reads, “The editor of The New York Times is Dean Baquet and he has not said or written the attached message.” It further added that “No one named Joseph Hope works for The New York Times.”

Articles published in the New York Times related to PM Narendra Modi can be read here

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Our research makes it clear that the claim calling PM Narendra Modi a “dangerous patriot,” and attributed to Joseph Hope, alleged Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times is false. There’s no one named “Joseph Hope” on the NYT team.

Result: False 

Our Sources

New York Times:

NYT Communications:

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