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Is this Rishi Kapoor’s last Video from Hospital?

Several media outlets, notable personalities, and politicians shared a video of veteran actor Rishi Kapoor claiming that it is his last video while he was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai.

Actor Rishi Kapoor passed away on Thursday in the HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai, while battling a long fight with cancer. The actor was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday morning.

After the news of his demise came out on Twitter, social media was flooded with fans mourning the loss. Post the death of veteran actor; a one-minute-seven- second long video is widely shared across the social media platforms claiming that it is Rishi Kapoor’s last video from the hospital. In the viral video, Rishi Kapoor can be seen as blessing a person and giving him tips on how to succeed in life.

We found that several media outlets, including India Today , News Nation, DNA, Pagal Parrot, and ABP  live also shared the video claiming it to be Rishi’s last video.However, most of the media outlers updated their reports later on.

Also, we found that several notable personalities and politicians shared the viral video on their respective handles.

Notably, we found that the same video was also shared on Facebook here and here; on YouTube here; and on Twitter here and here.

Fact Check

As we began fact-checking the claim, we fragmented the video in order to know the date and the location of the video, but we didn’t find any authentic information to corroborate. However, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we found that neither the person filming the video nor the actor Rishi Kapoor was wearing a mask or other safety equipment which raised our doubt on the video.

We then searched YouTube with the keywords of the song lyrics “Tere Dard Se Dil Abad Raha Rishi Kapoor,” and we found a video uploaded by the channel of Dheeraj Kumar Sanu. The video was uploaded on February 3, 2020. We analyzed the viral video, and the video uploaded on YouTube from frame to frame and established that it is the same video.

We also found the same video uploaded on another YouTube channel named DK Kumar Sanu. The video was uploaded on February 29, 2020.

With the help of relevant keywords, we searched on Facebook and found the profile of Dheeraj Kumar Sanu, the one filming the video with the veteran actor. He also posted a picture of himself with Rishi Kapoor while mourning his death. In the picture he posted, he can be seen wearing the same clothes as in the video. He also uploaded another picture with Rishi on February 4, 2020.

We also found an Instagram post uploaded by Dheeraj Kumar Sanu on February 6, where he can be seen taking a selfie with Rishi Kapoor.

We also tried to establish contact with Dheeraj for a comment. We will update our story after his comment.

It is clear from our fact check that the video doing the rounds on social media claiming it to be Rishi Kapoor’s last video while he was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai is misleading. The same video was uploaded on YouTube, two months back. However, the exact date and location of the video are unknown yet.

Tools Used

  • Google Search
  • YouTube Search
  • Facebook Search
  • Media Reports

Result: Misleading

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