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Weekly Wrap: False Claims On Hathras Stampede, Misinformation On Rahul Gandhi & More

As heavy downpour wreaked havoc in multiple places, social media platforms were also flooded with visuals of rain-inflicted damage. The tragic stampede at Hathras, and Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha speech also dominated the social media trends this week. And as an expected outcome, misinformation followed. From false claims around the recent stampede in Hathras to misinformation around the Lok Sabha proceedings, here are our top fact checks from this week

Viral Video Claiming To Show Delhi Floods Is Actually OId Footage From Bengaluru

A video showing people dragging their two-wheelers through a flooded road, while other vehicles struggle to make their way through the deluge, has grabbed the attention online. Those sharing the video claim that it showed the condition of Delhi following the recent bout of heavy rainfall. Newschecker, however, found  the claim to be untrue. The footage is in fact from Bengaluru. Read more here

Excerpts Of LOP Rahul Gandhi’s Speech Shared In Wrong Context

A video of Rahul Gandhi purportedly saying, “those who call themselves Hindu, they …24 hours violence, violence, violence, hatred, hatred, hatred…,” has stirred up a political row.The video has gone viral on social media with users accusing him of disrespecting the entire Hindu community. Newschecker, however, found that Gandhi’s remarks on the BJP have been misrepresented to falsely claim that he called the entire Hindu community violent. Read more here.

Hathras Stampede

Hathras Stampede: Old Video Falsely Linked To The Recent UP Tragedy

At least 121 people were dead after a stampede broke out at a religious congregation in Hathras on Tuesday. Immediately after the tragic news broke, multiple social media users shared unverified visuals claiming to show the Hathras stampede. One such video showing a huge crowd overlooking a convoy of cars is being linked to the same tragedy. Newschecker, however, found that the video is old. Read more here.

‘How Many Pages In The Constitution?’ Edited Video Falsely Shows Anurag Thakur Questioning Rahul Gandhi In Lok Sabha

Several social media users are circulating a video, claiming it shows BJP MP Anurag Thakur mocking Congress MP Rahul Gandhi during the ongoing session of the Lok Sabha. “How many pages are there in the Constitution? How many? Don’t say it is ‘this’ [making a gesture with his fingers] fat,” Thakur purportedly asks Gandhi, leaving him speechless. Newschecker, however, found that the viral video was edited. The original video shows Thakur taking on MPs belonging to the Opposition bloc. Read more here.

Neither Ayodhya, Nor Gujarat! Viral Video Of Road Caving In Is From Brazil

A video showing a woman falling into a crater after the road caves in is being widely shared on social media platforms amid reports of damage to infrastructure due to incessant rainfall in several parts of the country. Those sharing the video claim that it shows the “condition” of newly built Rampath in Ayodhya after the first spell of rains. Multiple others claimed that the footage was from Gujarat. Newschecker, however, found that the video actually shows a 2022 incident in Brazil. Read more here.

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