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Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Weekly Wrap: Misinformation On Agnipath Scheme, False Claims On Rahul Gandhi & More

Politics, religion or sports- this week witnessed a multitude of misinformation mushrooming on social media platforms on various issues. From fabricated claims on Rahul Gandhi to false posts on Ratlam temple desecration, read our top fact checks from the week here:

Agnipath Scheme Relaunched? No, Viral Document Claiming Changes In Armed Forces Recruitment Is Fake

Several social media users shared a document purportedly announcing the “relaunch” of Agnipath scheme for the recruitment to the Indian armed forces by the newly sworn-in Modi government. The document further claims that amid rampant demands of changes in the scheme, “Aganipath scheme change to Sainik saman scheme after reviews (sic)” Newschecker found that the claim is untrue, and that no such decision has been taken by the centre so far. Read more here.


Rahul Gandhi Apologises For Pre-Poll Promises? No, Viral Claims Are False

Several social media users are claiming that Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has apologised for his poll promises of ₹8,500 per month and a salary of ₹1,00,000 per month for the youths. The users further alleged that the promises were a clear case of electoral fraud as the Congress leader used these “lies” to get 99 seats in the 2024 general elections that saw the BJP return to a third term with a reduced strength earlier this month. Newschecker found that the viral claims stating that Rahul Gandhi has apologised for his pre-poll promises are false. Read more here.

Old, Controversial Quote Of Javed Miandad Inviting Indian Cricket Team To Pakistan Shared As Recent

Several social media users are sharing an alleged quote by former Pakistani cricket captain Javed Miandad, inviting the Indian cricket team to play in Pakistan this year by saying there should be no concerns over security as “death will come when it is destined,” evoking reactions of ridicule and surprise. Newschecker found that Javed Miandad made these remarks last year, while speaking about India’s refusal to tour Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023. Read more here.

Old Photo Of Durga Puja Ritual In Assam Temple Falsely Linked To Ratlam Temple Desecration

Several social media users are circulating an image, purportedly showing a Hindu priest carrying a severed bovine head, linking it to the recent case in Madhya Pradesh where four people were accused of slaughtering a cow and throwing its body parts in the premises of a temple in Ratlam district’s Jaora town, inflaming communal tensions in the area. Newschecker found that the image dates back to September 2017, shows a Durga Puja ritual in a temple in Assam, where a buffalo is sacrificed as part of an age-old tradition. Read more here.

Footage From Iranian TV Series Shared As Sexual Assault Incident In Pakistan

Several social media users, including verified handles, shared a video claiming to show an elderly man sexually assaulting a minor girl in an open field. Those sharing the video further identified the man as one “Mohammad Moinuddin,” and alleged that the video is from Pakistan. However, Newschecker found the claim to be untrue. The video actually shows a scene from a TV series. Read more here.

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