Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Wednesday, August 4, 2021


False Posts On “Dr Fauci Sacked. US Admits Virus Is Man Made” Shared On Social Media

Neither has Dr Fauci been sacked nor has the US government admitted to COVID-19 being man-made.

False Claim Calling PM Narendra Modi A “Dangerous Patriot” Attributed To New York Times

There’s no one named “Joseph Hope” on the NYT team nor have they published the said claim on their website.

Did Nepal Or China Cause Flooding In Bihar & UP?

Do China and Nepal have anything to do with floods in Bihar and parts of Uttar Pradesh this week? Prominent Indian TV channels like ABP...

Vaccine Hesitancy At A High Of 74.53% In India Claims Deccan Chronicle

Dr Randeep Guleria later clarified the same details to Newscheker that on the basis of published studies, more than 75% Indians are willing to take a vaccine as a preventative measure for covid and to break the chain of its spread.