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Edited Video Passed Off On Social Media To Claim Nitin Gadkari Refused To Stand Up For Modi in NDA’s Meet


BJP leader Nitin Gadkari refused to stand up and chant Modi…Modi slogan in NDA’s Parliamentary Party Meeting in Delhi on June 7, 2024. (Archive Link)


We found the 2:30-hour-long video of Parliamentary party meeting of NDA partners on Narendra Modi’s official YouTube channel, posted on June 7, 2024. In that video, Nitin Gadkari can be seen standing and clapping along with other leaders to congratulate Narendra Modi.

At 2:15 minutes mark the frame shows Nitin Gadkari standing and congratulating Narendra Modi.

At the 24-minute mark of that video, Nitin Gadkari is seen proposing Narendra Modi’s name as the parliamentary party leader of the NDA alliance.

Throughout the event, Nitin Gadkari was seen applauding for Narendra Modi and showing his support.

Thus it is clear that the viral video is edited and shared on social media with misinterpretations.

Result: Altered Video

Video By Narendra Modi, dated June 7, 2024 


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