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200 Delhi Police Personnel Have Not Resigned In Support Of The Farmers

In light of the ongoing farmers’ protest and aftermath of violence that broke out on Republic Day, social media users have claimed that 200 police personnel have resigned in support of the farmers. Some of these posts question whether the police-farmer duo might reshape the movement as 200 policemen resigned in Delhi. 

One such Twitter post in Hindi reads, “दिल्ली पुलिस में बगावत। 200 पुलिसकर्मी बने बागी। दिया सामूहिक इस्तीफा वाह मेरे शेरों” 

Loosely translated to English the post reads, “200 policemen have resigned in rebellion. Well done.”

You can read more such below. 

An archived version of the claim can be viewed here

Fact Check/ Verification 

We searched the web for relevant information but could not find anything which suggested that the Delhi police personnel supported the farmers in the past week. However, we found that the Delhi Police was going to take action against the farmers after the 26 January violence. 

On Thursday, the Delhi police “issued notice to 40 farmer leaders for violating the terms and conditions agreed upon for holding tractor rallies on Republic Day,” reported The Hindu. This list now includes journalists and Congress leaders as well. Farmers leaders have been sent notices and called in for confirmation.

Screenshot of The Hindu's article on Republic Day violence
Screenshot of The Hindu’s article on Republic Day violence

We further searched on social media platforms for information on 200 police personnel resigning in support of the farmers, but found nothing. 

Newschecker spoke to Delhi Police PRO Anil Mittal in regards to the claim. Referring to the claim in context, Anil Mittal said that no Delhi Police personnel has resigned and no employee is associated with the farmers’ protests. The viral claim is false. 

This claim was also debunked in our Punjabi fact-check


The claim in regards to 200 Delhi police personnel resigning in support of the farmers is false. 

Result: False 

Our Sources

Delhi Police PRO Anil Mittal

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