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India Today And The Tribune Published A Fictional Story As A Real Incident

A story shared on social media went viral when two leading media outlets published it as a real incident. The story is about a 55-year-old teacher who gets bullied during an online class. 

a 55 year old teacher bullied
Screenshot of India Today’s Article

India Today and The Tribune published this heartbreaking story and gathered thousands of shares and retweets. Let’s have a look at CrowdTangle’s analysis of these reports on Facebook.

Crowd Tangle Analysis

The story was also shared on Instagram by a profile named TedTheStoner.

a 55 year old teacher bullied
Instagram Screenshot

Fact Check/Verification

This story was so emotional that it went viral in a day. Many people shared this story on their social media handles. This story was so moving that it went viral in a day. But it turns out that the story was a fiction. Syed Mohammad Fahim, a teacher, published it on June 30 on Facebook. 


And this is what Syed Fahim told us when we spoke to him:

Yes, I wrote this fictional story. I am a teacher by profession on 30th I saw a video where an elderly teacher was the victim of Zoom bombing by his students. I became very emotional. So, I wrote a fictional story on my timeline, and it went viral. In the original post, I have mentioned that it was fictional. I didn’t use any picture of anyone. Later on yesterday, I saw a few pages on Instagram reposted my story, but some removed the fictional part. I don’t know why? But people are circulating this man’s picture without his consent.

Syed Mohammad Fahim

This video was originally published by a Facebook user Hafiz R Rahman on 29 June.


But how did these two posts get mixed? On performing Google Reverse Image Search, we came to know that this video was first published on 6 July by a Facebook page called DCC Sarcasm. This page used Fahim’s story along with the video.



Online classes have become a new challenge for both teachers and students. While students are finding it tough to attend, teachers are struggling with this new technology. Meanwhile, India Today and The tribune published a report on a completely fictional story about a 55-year-old teacher who gets bullied in an online class.

Result: False/Fabricated

Our Sources 

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Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DCCSarcasmofficial/

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