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Aaj Tak Shares Fake Tweets As Sushant Singh Rajput’s Last Messages

Aaj Tak on Tuesday published an article sharing screenshots of tweets allegedly made by late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Aaj Tak claimed that these were Sushant Singh Rajput’s last tweets posted before his death, and were then subsequently deleted. The tweets talk about his mental health and other reasons, why he is ending his life. However, Aaj Tak unpublished its article later on. Here is the archive link of the article.

The text of one of the viral screenshots reads, “I’m ending all this for good. Going far yet so close to you people. Maybe after this people try to communicate with others rather than holding onto the thoughts. See ya on the other side. GoodBye

We found that not only Aaj Tak but several other media outlets including Newstracklive, Navodaya Times, news4nation,  Krkboxoffice also reported the same.

The same tweets are being shared on Facebook and WhatsApp as well.

Fact Check

First of all, we checked  Sushant Singh Rajput’s Twitter profile. Sushant made his last tweet on 27 December 2019. As we began fact-checking the claim, we found several discrepancies in the tweets.

Font issue

We found that the screenshot of the viral tweet has a different font for the username and the date line while for the text , different font is used.

 Alignment Issue

We also found out that the display picture along with the username is not properly aligned along with the text. Here, below you can see the alignment , varies in each tweet

Dateline issue

We found that the date mentioned in the tweet reads 14 jun 20 which is not the format. The letter ‘J’ can be only in lower case if we change the language settings but the language of the ‘View Tweet Activity’ shall also change which didn’t happen. We also found that in the dateline the ‘AM’ is written in small letters.

View Tweet Activity

The View Tweet activity is always visible when someone makes a tweet from their own account. Below, you can see a screenshot we took of a tweet made by Sushant. It has no ‘View Tweet activity’ option.

During our search, we also found a tweet made by Journalist Samina Shaikh who wrote that that these tweets are fake and fabricated.


It is evident from our fact check that the screenshots of tweets doing the rounds on social media are manipulated and are not late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s last tweets.


  • Google Search
  • Twitter Search

Result: Manipulated

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