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An Old Picture Of Poonam Mahajan & Fugitive Businessman Nirav Modi Is Viral Again


BJP MP Ponnam Mahajan recently met fugitive businessman Nirav Modi, who is paying off the BJP


A picture of Nirav Modi, who came into limelight after the PNB scam, shared over twitter became viral. In the photo, BJP MP Poonam Mahajan can be seen with the infamous businessman Neerav Modi. This photo is being shared on social media claiming it to be a recent picture.

This same picture went viral in 2018 as well

While looking for this picture’s original date we found an article published on & The Hindu in the year 2017.

After reading these articles we came to know that in November 2017, an elephant parade was held in Delhi at British High Commissioner’s residence. This was attended by Prince Charles and many other great personalities. This event was supported by Nirav Modi.

The PNB scam came to light in 2018. It is clear that Poonam Mahajan didn’t meet Nirav Modi in the near past, and this photo is indeed trying to mislead people by indicating the nearness of their meeting and Nirav Modi’s proximity to the leader and her party. 

Tool Used

  • Google Reverse Image Search
  • Google Keyword Search

Result: Misleading


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