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Ayushmann Khurrana Performed “Dil Dil Pakistan” As A Part Of Tribute To Pakistani Audience At Dubai Music Concert In 2017

Ayushmann Khurrana performs the song “Dil Dil Pakistan” at the ceremony with the Pakistani flag flying in the background. No wonder he is so upset to see Ram Mandir.

The viral clip is old. Ayushmann Khurrana sang this song during a concert held in Dubai in 2017, where the singer dedicated the song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ to the Pakistani audience in the concert. He also performed many popular Indian songs, but a short clip of his performance is being circulated on social media with a misleading narrative.

A video of actor-singer Ayushmann Khurrana is going viral on social media wherein he can be seen singing Dil Dil Pakistan. The video surfaced days after Ayushmann, along with other Bollywood celebrities, was seen attending the opening of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. Social media users posted the video and wrote: “The clown Ayushmann Khurrana was singing “Dil Dil Pakistan” when Pakistanis were kil*ing our soldiers & innocent citizens..No wonder he’s so upset to see #RamMandir. The reason why I don’t trust most of these Bollywoodiyas. They can even sell their mothers for money…”

The post can be seen here.

Many other X users have posted this video and claimed the same. Those can be seen here, here, here and here.

Meanwhile, the video was posted on Facebook with the same claim. Some of those can be seen here, here and here.

However, our investigation found that the viral video had been available on the internet since 2017 and that this was a clipped part of a series of songs dedicated to the audience in Dubai.

Fact Check/Verification

We took a screengrab of the video and conducted a Google reverse image search, which led us to a YouTube video published by Selfie Tv on 20 November 2017, featuring a longer version of the same viral video clip with the description “Ayushman Khurana giving tribute to all Asian countries through his Punjabi singing in Dubai.” After watching the video, we learned that Ayushmann Khurrana sang various songs during this musical concert.

The performer sang various songs referencing different regions of India throughout the performance. At the 2.37-minute mark in the video, Ayushmann Khurrana can be heard saying, “This song is for our Pakistani friends,” following which he presented “Dil Dil Pakistan” until the 3.35-minute timestamp. Additionally, starting from the 4.18-minute timestamp in the video, the artist also showcased the song “Chak De India” and concluded the performance with this song.

This proves that Ayushmann Khurrana not only performed the song Dil Dil Pakistan, but also performed several Indian songs. The song was performed for the Pakistani audience present at the concert.

Meanwhile, a X user shared the viral video asserting that Ayushman Khurana collaborated with Pakistani artist Atif Aslam to perform the song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan.’ The video can be seen here.

To authenticate this claim, we conducted a search on Ayushmann Khurrana’s official X handle and found a post related to a Dubai music concert 2017. In the post dated October 28, 2017, Ayushmann mentioned – “When your sibling goes berserk with you onstage. @Aparshakti”. The post can be seen here. His Facebook post in this regard can be seen here.

Finally, we conducted a Google keyword search to find out about the 2017 Dubai concert attended by Ayushmann Khurrana and Aparshakti Khurana. We, here, came across a few news reports from Gulf News and Bollywood Bubble about this concert. According to the report, Ayushmann Khurrana, alongside his brother Aparshakti Khurana and Pakistani singer Ali Zafar, participated in the MTV India Unplugged concert at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium on October 27, 2017. The report highlights that Ayushmann Khurrana astonished the audience by dedicating the song “Dil Dil Pakistan” to his fans from across the border. His performance concluded with the rendition of the song “Chak De India.”


Thus, we find that the claim made with the video of Ayushmann Khurrana has missing context.  In the concert, Ayushmann Khurrana not only sang ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ but also performed many Indian songs like ‘Chak De India’.

Result: Missing Context

Our Sources:
1. YouTube video published by Selfie Tv on 20 November 2017
2. Report from Gulf News

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