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Claims On Tata’s EVision Electric Car Worth Rs 25 Lakh And Launching in March 2021 Are False

Multiple social media users have claimed that a new Tata Evision electric car worth Rs. 25 lakh will be launched in March 2021. Accompanied by an image of a car, one such claim reads, “New Tata Evision Electric Car. No fuel required. only one charge it can run 1000 kms. 10 yrs battery warranty from Tata. Rs 25 lacs ex showroom price launch March 2021 will be a game changer! Make in India!!!!” 

The claim is widely shared on Facebook. 


We found that claim has been circulating since 2018 with a difference in the launch date. 

The virality of the claim can be seen on Twitter and Facebook

Fact Check/ Verification 

Combination of a relevant keyword search and reverse image search of the photograph in context led us to a 2018 Financial Express article titled, “The truth about Tata EVision electric Sedan: Don’t believe everything you read on WhatsApp, Facebook.”

Screenshot of 2018 Financial Express article on Tata's EVision electric Sedan
Screenshot of 2018 Financial Express article on Tata’s EVision electric Sedan

EVision Sedan, the car shown in the viral claim is Tata’s EVision concept electric car showcased at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS). Tata Motors published a blogpost about the 88th GIMS on 23 March 2018. “To create a splash at the GIMS, we needed to do something spectacular. The showcasing of E-Vision all-electric concept sedan with class defining interiors, as well as H5X and the 45X managed to do just that,” it read. 

Geneva International Motor Show published a post about Tata’s EVision electric Sedan concept car on their official Facebook page in 2018. 

Screenshot of 2018 GIMS video showing Tata's EVision electric car
Screenshot of 2018 GIMS video showing Tata’s EVision electric car

Multiple media organisations covered the EVision electric Sedan’s showcase in the 2018 show. 

Motor Beam covered Tata’s EVision Sedan concept car in 2018 as well. 

Details associated with the EVision electric car in the claim could not be found on Tata Motors website. 


Claims stating that Tata’s EVision electric car worth Rs. 25 lakh will be launched in March 2021 are false. The photograph in the claim is from 2018 GIMS. It remains a concept car with no official announcement about its production future. 

Result: False 

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