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Fact Check: Viral Post Falsely Claims Passengers without Burqas Prevented From Boarding A Bus In Kerala

Those who did not wear Burqa were prevented from boarding the bus.

No, the viral video is unrelated to any religious matter. It actually depicts a protest demanding a halt at the bus stop.

A 51 Seconds video is going viral on social media claiming that people who don’t wear burqas have been stopped from boarding the bus. The posts reads as, “NEW KERALA STORY, Now Hindu women to be #Halal Certified? In Kerala, muslim women allegedly fought, demanded only BURQA clad women in bus.” The viral post can be seen here.

Courtesy: @Sikka_Harinder (X Profile)

Many X users have shared the post with the same claim. Those posts can be seen here, here and here.

Courtesy: Jigar Joshi, Surajit Dasgupta, Umesh Chandra Dwibedi (X Profiles)

On the other hand many Facebook users also have shared the Video with the same claim. Those posts can be seen here, here and here.

Courtesy: We Love Hindu Munnani, MS Radhakrishnan, Siv Das (Facebook Profiles)

We found the same video with the same claim in YouTube as well.

Fact Check/Verification

After reaching out to our Malayalam Team, it was determined that the women in the viral video were speaking in Malayalam Language. Importantly, there were no communal references evident in their conversation. In a particular instance in the video, the woman wearing a burqa was heard saying, “Why did you call the dog Molle? Nayinte mole (daughter of dog), what the women in Burqa are heard asking is why call her Nayinte Mole. Are you the one who gave birth to her?” A keyword search using the clue from it turned up another extended version of it, posted on October 21, 2023, on the Third Eye Media Facebook page.

Courtesy: Third Eye Media, Facebook Page

According to the post, female students brought the bus to a halt, claiming that it had failed to make a stop at the designated bus stand. In response, the bus staff contended that the bus stand had been constructed without proper authorization. This incident occurred in Kumbala Sithangoli, located in Kasargod.

During our search for news reports related to the incident, we came across a report by a TV reporter published on October 23, 2023. It states: “Students staged a protest by blocking the bus, citing a recurring issue of buses not stopping at the designated bus stop. This event occurred yesterday evening at Bhaskara Nagar on the Kumbala-Mulleria KSTP road, with the students of Kansas Women’s College leading the demonstration.”

“The RTO had allotted a stop in front of Kansa Women’s College. A waiting shed was also installed as part of the road renovation work. But buses often leave without stopping at the stoppage. Following this, the girl students and the bus staff got into a verbal argument,” added the news.

“On Saturday, women students organised in Kumbala town and blocked the buses from across the road for some time. There was a verbal dispute between the students and the bus staff on Saturday as well. After the incident, the police came and assured us to solve the problem,” the reporter continues the TV news.

Courtesy: Reporter (Website)

After this, our Newschecker Malayalam Team has contacted Kumbla Police Station. The station officer said, “This incident has come to our attention and there is nothing communal about it. Even no case has been filed as no one filed a complaint.”


Our investigation revealed that the brawl seen in the video arose out of an argument between girl students and passengers who blocked the bus on the road, alleging that the bus did not stop at the stand in front of Kumbala Kansa Women’s College. There are no communal issues in the incident.

Result: False

Our Sources:
1. Facebook Post by Third Eye Media on October 21, 2023
2. News Report by Reporter TV on October 23, 2023
3. Telephone Conversation with Kumbla Station House Officer Anoob Kumar E

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