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False Incestuous Claims With Photographs Featuring A Couple Viral On Social Media

A social media user tweeted photographs featuring a couple and claiming that they have an incestuous relationship. The photographs were initially tweeted from a Twitter account named Rajashree Selvakumar, and later shared by other users on social media platforms. 

The claim in context shared the above mentioned tweet with the following text: “I want to meet Rajashree Selvakumar please. Someone find me the thread of her tweet. I am legit ready for my Indian version of #dark with popcorn.”

The claim has been shared by other users on Twitter as well.  

Fact Check/ Verification 

We searched for Twitter accounts with the name “Rajashree Selvakumar” and found two accounts of which one of them didn’t exist. The other account with the handle @RajashreeSelv tweeted a Youtube video with the title “Debunking Fake News.” 

Posted on 20 August, the Youtube video was published from an account named Wellborne Physio. It’s description read, “Sharing or creating fake news is never okay! We have been made a victim of social media abuse and harassment for no apparent reason. We are making and releasing this video to make our stance clear on this. Please share this around. It has been a really tough issue to handle and we are growing tired of this. We need this to stop, so stop spreading fake news. Thank you.”

The above video shows the couple featured in the initial claim describing the scenario as being victims of cyberbullying. Married for three years now, they run a physiotherapy business together in Malaysia, and have explicitly said that the claim in context is fake. 

The Malaysian couple have shared the same video debunking this claim on their physio centre Wellborne Physio’s Instagram account.

The video debunking the claim in context was also posted on their personal Facebook accounts


The Twitter post featuring photographs of a Malaysian couple and claiming that they have an incestuous relatioship is false. The couple have posted a video clarifying the same on their social media accounts. 

Result: False 

Our Sources

Wellborne Physio’s Youtube channel

Wellborne Physio’s Instagram post

Prithylasmi Selvarajah’s Facebook post:

Rselva Rajandra Facebook’s post:

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