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Fact Check: Iranian Girl Attacked Over Hijab? No, Video Of Bleeding 10-Year-Old Shared With False Context

The death of 22-year-old Iranian Girl Mahsa Amini last September in Iran triggered a massive uproar in the country against the compulsory veiling of women in the  Islamic nation. The issue put Iran’s fundamental regime and its ‘anti-women’ policies once again under the spotlight on the international stage. Images and videos, highlighting the plight of women in Iran continue to find their way to social media everyday.

One such video tweeted by a verified user Jyotjeet, shows a bleeding Iranian girl being consoled by others. The  caption reads, “Disgusting: This little Girl in Islamic Republic of Iran was brutally Attacked just bcoz she was not fully covering her hair with Hijab. Bloody Monsters. The little Girl is crying in extreme pain”. Newschecker has found the claim to be untrue.

Courtesy: Screengrab from Twitter @activistjyot

Several twitter users even verified have shared the video of Iranian girl with the same claim. Link to the tweets here, here, here, here and here.

Many media organizations have also reported on the video, claiming that the Iranian girl was attacked by a lady for not wearing the hijab properly. Archive links to the reports can be found here and here

Courtesy: Screengrab from oneindia
Courtesy: Screengrab from Firstpost

Fact Check/ Verification

To check the authenticity of the viral video, Newschecker split the video into keyframes and conducted a reverse image search on some of the frames. During the search we found several reports carrying screenshots from the video.

A report on Mehr News Agency dated March 3, 2022, carrying keyframes from the video reads, “Bleeding pictures of a fourth-grade elementary school girl student in the cyberspace has brought up many rumors, some of which ended up creating tension between the student and the teachers and some ended up creating conflict between parents and students, but Jalal Salmani, the head of Isfahan Province Education Public Relations Department said that this incident was the only conflict between two students that happened outside of school while returning home.”

Iranian Girl
Courtesy: Screengrab from MEHR News Agency

“The tension between these two students has nothing to do with the hijab issue. Whatever has been published in cyberspace about this, is false. A case has been filed on the incident and the investigation is on”, it added.

The website has also shared a video report on the incident where the Mousaviyan, Isfahan’s public and revolutionary prosecutor, can be seen giving details of the incident in a live Tv programme.

Courtesy: Screengrab from MEHR News Agency

Another report published by the Iran based newspaper Saheb Khabar on their website stating that the students in Khaneh neighbourhood of Isfahan fought each other on some personal issue following which the mother of one entered the argument and slapped the other child. “Police have lodged a case against the lady who slapped the Iranian girl child”, the report stated.

Courtesy: Screengrab from

We also found reports on other websites on the same incident that can be read here, here and here.


Newschecker’s investigation revealed that the video of a young Iranian girl bleeding by her mouth, was not linked to her hijab issue, and is actually from March 2022. The child, who got into a scuffle with a fellow classmate, was slapped by the mother of the other child following which she started bleeding. 

Result: False

Our Sources

Report published by
Report published by
Video report published by Mehr News Agency

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