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No, The Woman In The Video Is Not The Granddaughter of Maharaja Hari Singh


The granddaughter of Kashmir’s last ruler Maharaja Hari Singh, expressed her grief on abrogation of article 370


A video is being shared on various social media platforms claiming that the woman in the video is the granddaughter of Jammu-Kashmir’s last ruler Maharaja Hari Singh. In the  video the woman speaker is talking about how the special status for Jammu-Kashmir came into existence, and it was Kashmir that gave the special status to India not the other way round.  

While looking for this video’s origin, Newschecker got its hand on a YouTube post which has the same video but more clearer and with a caption which saidProf Hameeda Nayeem full speech on Kashmir, special status, article 370 at AMU

We then searched for Hameeda Nayeem on Google and it turned out that Hameeda Nayeem is Hurriyat leader Nayeem Ahmad Khan’s wife and a Professor in Kashmir University. There are more videos of her speech available on YouTube. 

It was now clear that the woman in the video is not the granddaughter of Maharaja Hari Singh. Now, the turn was to find out who is Hari Singh’s granddaughter?

We then found a tweet by Vikramaditya Singh, who is the grandson of Maharaja Hari Singh and a member of Congress party. He shared the viral video and called it false as the granddaughter of Hari Singh is his sister and her name is Dr. Jyotsana Singh. 


Tools Used

  • InVID search
  • Google Reverse Image Search
  • Google Keyword Search
  • YouTube Search
  • Twitter Advanced Search

Result: False


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