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No, You Will Not Get A Challan For Driving In A Half Sleeves Shirt/T-shirt


If you are not wearing a full-sleeves shirt while driving, you might get a traffic challan


A Facebook page named Yuva Desh, has shared a post that says according to the new traffic rules while driving one must wear a full sleeves shirt. Not just on Facebook, this post is viral on other social media platforms too.

This claim seemed too bizarre to be true so we did a quick search about the new amended Motor Vehicles Act. In this Act there is no such mention of wearing a full sleeves shirt being mandatory while driving. The Motor Vehicles Act can be read here.

Though during our search we came across a few news reports which mentioned the full sleeves shirt claim. An article on Navbharat Times talks about some bizarre laws which nobody has heard about, that includes the full-sleeves shirt while driving. 

On the other hand Live Hindustan published an article explaining how fake information is being shared on social media in the name of new traffic rules. 

After the claim went viral, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted himself and clarified that the viral claim is false

Tool Used

  • Facebook Search
  • Twitter Advanced Search
  • Google Keyword Search 

Result: False 


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