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Not Shahrukh Khan, His Doppelganger Dancing In This Viral Wedding Video

A day before the release of Shahrukh khan Pathaan’s movie, a 39-second-long video of allegedly Shahrukh khan dancing at a wedding found its way to social media. 

The video has gone viral on social media where a section of users sharing it in a bid to take a dig at Shahrukh Khan with #BoycottPathaan.

A Twitter user named Saffron Swamy posted the video with the caption that reads “ Who is Shahrukh Khan? Dancing at Someone’s wedding at the age of 60, for a few bucks as paid worker.

That’s his Real Aukaat That’s his Real Profession That’s Shahrukh Khan. Money can’t buy Honor & Class #BoycottPathaan” 

Several other social media users have also shared the video with the same caption, claiming the person seen in the video is Bollywood actor Shahrukh khan dancing and performing at someone’s wedding. 

The archive of the post can be seen here

Fact Check/Verification

To Investigate the video, we search the Internet with relevant keywords like “Shahrukh dance at Wedding” and Shahrukh marriage dance” which led us to a number of Shahrukh dance videos on youtube. 

While scanning the videos on youtube we came across a video which seems identical to the viral clip. 

The video was a youtube short clip posted on 12 July 2022 by a person name Ibrahim Qadri on his official youtube channel @IbrahimQadri

We also visited Ibrahim Qadri’s social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram, according to which Qadri is a performing artist. 

His pictures on social media looks identical to Shahrukh Khan’s and one may easily confuse him with the actor. 


We have also found many media reports online according to which “Ibrahim Qadri is a doppelganger of Shahrukh Khan from Gujarat”.

There are many interviews of him available on youtube where he often calls himself a fan of Shahrukh Khan and how the actors look is helping him in getting work in the entertainment industry. 


After Investigation we can conclude that the man seen dancing in the viral wedding video is not Shahrukh Khan but his lookalike Ibrahim Qadri. 

Result: False

Our Sources
Youtube video of Ibrahim Qadri
Instagram account of Ibrahim Qadri

Media Report by NewsRoom Post

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