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Old Claim Of Revathi Selected As IAS Officer from Karnataka Is Misleading


A tweet posted on 27 June, 2020 claims that a woman named Revathi received third rank in the civil service examination and got selected for IAS from Karnataka.

This claim was posted by Amitava Chakravorty, State Jt. General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Bengal. Accompanied by two photographs, it also claims that she was being congratulated by her parents who are daily wage workers on this occasion. 

We found this claim to be widely circulating on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter since 2017. Examples of this can be seen below.

Fact Check

Since the claim in context was first found to be released in 2017, we searched for Revathi in the list of selected IAS officers in that year. Based on the 2016 Civil Services Examination result, which was released in 2017, Revathi’s name does not feature in the third spot or in the entire selected candidate list

On performing a reverse image search of photographs in the claim, we came across an article published by on 26 March 2017. It includes the same two photographs used in the claim plus an additional photograph of Revathi. The article states that the woman in the photograph is indeed Revathi and she’s from Avanigadda District in Andhra Pradesh (AP). It further details that Revathi was selected as a Sub-Inspector (SI) of Police by the AP government in 2017. 

Taking cue from the article linked above, we reached out to the Andhra Pradesh Police department to enquire about Revathi and her current post in the police. They connected us to Revathi who informed us that her full name is in fact Mathi Venkata Revathi. She also clarified that it is her in the photograph and it was taken in Modumudi village, Avanigadda District in Andhra Pradesh. Currently, she is the Sub-Inspector at Disha police station in Rajahmundry city, East Godavari district, AP. Finally, she was not selected for IAS from Karnataka. 


The claim in context which has been circulating on social media platforms since 2017 is misleading and partly false. The woman in the photograph is Revathi, but she did not get selected for IAS from Karnataka. She was selected to be a sub-inspector in Andhra Pradesh in 2017 and currently serves as the SI at Disha police station in Rajahmundry City, AP. 

Tools Used

  • Reverse image search
  • Google advanced search 
  • Twitter advanced search

Result: Misleading, Partly False 

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