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Police Brutality In Chhattisgarh Goes Viral As An Incident From Uttar Pradesh


The poor are being tortured in the name of new traffic rules; UP police has crossed all limits to be in the limelight


A twitter user, Boby Tyagi has shared a video which shows a bike rider being brutally beaten by the traffic police. It is being said that after the amendment of the Motor Vehicle Act, UP Police is crossing all limits to torture the common man. 

During our research on this video, we came across several other Tweets and Facebook posts which shared the same video with the same claim. 

To check the authenticity of the claim we did a keyword search on Google but couldn’t find anything. We then carefully examined the video, frame by frame, and traced the number plate on a bike, which read CG-28.

After doing a search on RTO database we got to know that the bike belongs to Chattisgarh. With this clue, we again did a Keyword Search on Google, which brought a news article under our notice. This report from Dainik Bhaskar mentioned this incident with the same video which is being shared in the name of UP. 

According to the report, this incident took place in Chhattisgarh’s Mungle. The rider was drunk & started misbehaving with the cops. First, the police tried to control him but when the situation was out of control they started beating him.

Therefore, according to the report, the claim is false and this incident took place in Chhattisgarh, not in Uttar Pradesh. 

Tool Used

  • Twitter advanced search
  • Facebook Search
  • Google keywords search.

Result: False


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