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Recent Video Of Couple Being Mistreated Shared With False Caste Angle

A recent tweet attributes mistreatment of a man and woman shown in a video to caste division in India. The video in context shows a man and woman with half shaved heads being beaten and forced to wear a garland of footwear. 

Other users have also shared this video with similar claims. 

Fact Check/ Verification

During our research we came across the video in context published by Prashant Shukla, a Tv journalist as per his Twitter profile. His translated tweet reads:

“Similar pictures came from Kannauj two days ago. Today from Mainpuri. Domineering #दलित The widow’s woman and the young man’s head rolled into Mundavaya, the sooth granddaughter and the entire village. If there is poison in thinking, then it does not even leave the police station.”

In response to Shukla’s tweet, Mainpuri Police from its official Twitter account shared a video verifying the video in context. The police officer in the video said that on account of a 40 year old man and 35 year old woman being mistreated as shown in the video, a police complaint has been filed. Three people have been arrested and police are in search of the others accused. The accused are family members of the victims who did not approve of their relationship. 

Mainpuri Police posted another tweet on 29 August in response to Shukla’s post. Its translation reads, “Immediate action in the said case has been registered against relevant accused / unknown accused in relevant sections, and 3 main accused have also been arrested, advance legal action is being taken.” 

We’ve reached out to the Mainpuri police department, Uttar Pradesh for more information on this incident. This copy will be updated when we receive a response from them. 


The tweet in context attributing mistreatment of a man and woman to caste division in India is misleading. Mainpuri Police, Uttar Pradesh verified the video and said that the accused are family members who were against the victims’ relationship and therefore beat them up. 

Result: Misleading 

Our Sources

Mainpuri Police video

Mainpuri Police official Twitter post

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