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Wrong Image Shared As Former Indonesian President’s daughter Who Converted To Hinduism


An image claiming to show Sukmawati Sukarnoputri, the daughter of Indonesia’s first president, who recently converted to Hinduism from Islam, is being widely shared on social media. Newschecker’s analysis found the image misleading as it shows the conversions of Princess of Java in 2017.

Sukarnoputri, daughter of Sukarno -one of the founding fathers of Indonesia reportedly converted to Hinduism on October 26. It must be noted that the country has the highest Muslim population in the world.

Several Twitter users shared the image saying Sukarnoputri has “returned” to Hinduism from Islam.

The image was also widely shared on Facebook, with captions welcoming her to Hinduism in English and Bengali languages.


In order to check the veracity of the claim, Newschecker ran a keyword search for, ‘Sukmawati Sukarnoputri conversion’ which led us to a YouTube video by Hindustan Times and a report by India Today.

A visual comparison of the woman in the viral social media posts with the woman in the report makes it clear that they are two different individuals.

Further, we ran a reverse image search on the photo shared in the viral social media posts and found links to media reports from Rebellion Voice and Current Trigger dated 2017.

Screen of the the Google image search result

Both the portals have carried the viral image with an analysis of why the Kanjeng Paramasi, the Princess of Java, converted to Hinduism.

Paramasi reportedly converted to Hinduism in July 2017 by Sudhi Wadani Ritual which is said to be “an initiation into Hinduism.”

Sukarnoputri’s lawyer has reportedly told the media that she “had been interested in Hinduism for the last 20 years and has visited major temples in Bali and read great Indian epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.”

Screenshot of the India Today report


Old photo of the Princes of Java was falsely shared in the context of Sukmawati Sukarnoputri’s conversion to Hinduism.

Result: False Connection

Our Sources:

Curren Trigger

Rebellion Voice


Hindustan Times

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  1. Fact checking has a limit. This is the height of wokeness.

    If you could not find the news to be “false”, then you had to report the picture as false. How does it matter if the picture is false or not. Is the “picture” the news or the “news” is the news? Why did you even get the urge to fact-check this news? Is it because it doesn’t fit your agenda? And if you did, then you could have just checked if the news was true or not and left it at that. Why do you think that people are not knowledgable enough to differentiate between the picture and the news? Why do you think you need to correct that part for the people? Aren’t you pontificating on the general awareness and general IQ of the population at large?


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