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Video of Lahore Factory Explosion Falsely Linked To Peshawar Mosque Blast 

Amid the Peshawar Mosque blast in neighbouring Pakistan, social media is flooded with many Mis/disinformation in the name of the Peshawar mosque blast.  Various unverified images, videos, and claims have surfaced on social media in the aftermath of the unfortunate terrorist attack. 

The latest in the row is a 15-second video clip of an explosion which is being shared of the Peshawar Mosque blast. The video clip shows a huge blast resulting in an eruption of a fireball nearby a Flyover shown in the clip. 

A Twitter user @bisnoi_0011 has tweeted the video with the caption “It’s horrible, look at the fire of today’s blast. #Peshawarblast #Peshawar #Peshawarunderattack #PeshawarAttack” 

Several other users have also shared the viral clip in the name of The Peshawar mosque blast. 

The archive of the post can be seen here 

Fact Check /Verification 

To start with, we quickly scanned the comments made under the viral video, while many are general in nature some of them suggest that the video is from Lahore. Taking a hint from there we conducted a keyword search for “Lahore Blast” and “Lahore explosion” on the internet. This led us to a video report of the incident posted by Cobrapost on its official youtube channel.  

The video is similar to the clip that has gone viral in the name of the Peshawar mosque blast. The video report dates back to 22 October 2021 and is captioned “ Video of Factory Boiler Explosion That Killed Two in Lahore”  report suggests “At least two labourers died as a boiler of beverages producing factory located at Lahore’s Multan Road exploded.As per details, the fire engulfed the factory building after its boiler exploded. “ 

We then search more for the news and found many videos and articles related to the  Lahore boiler explosion. Many Pakistan media outlets Daily times, Dawn News, and ABBTakk have also carried out the Lahore boiler explosion news. 

The Peshawar Mosque Blast

On 30th January, A suicide bombing at a mosque in the city of Peshawar has claimed the lives of over 100 people and left many injured. 

“Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) had initially claimed responsibility for the attack. It later distanced itself from it but sources earlier indicated that it might have been the handiwork of some local faction of the outlawed group.” suggests local reports. 


We can conclude that the viral video of a blast near a flyover is from the Lahore boiler explosion in 2021 and is falsely linked to the  Peshawar mosque blast. 

Result: False 

Our Sources
Video Report from CobraPost
Articles from Daily times, Dawn News, and ABBTakk

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