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Viral Post On Rashtrapati Bhavan Banning Non-Vegetarian Food Is False


Ban on any kinds of non-vegetarian feast or drink in Rashtrapati Bhavan. President herself will perform the arti at Brahma Muhurta with Ishvar Stuti.

Archived versions of the post can be seen here and here

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Archived versions of the post can be seen here and here

Fact Check

Newschecker first did a keyword search for “Rashtrapati Bhavan menu”, “Rashtrapati Bhavan non-vegetarian”, “Rashtrapati Bhavan food ban”, “Rashtrapati Bhavan alcohol ban”, all of which did not throw up any news reports or official statement regarding such an order.

Newschecker further conducted another keyword search on the terms “Draupadi Murmu vegetarian”, which led us to IANS, PTI and in-house reports across news websites such as TOI, National Herald, Business Standard, which referred to the newly sworn-in President as a vegetarian.  

According to the IANS report, “In 2006, Murmu turned a vegetarian, and now relishes only Satvik food, enjoys cooking and on special occasions, she would drop in at the Ranchi Raj Bhavan kitchen to guide the chefs to include a dash of Odisha cuisine for the VIPs.” 

There is no mention in any of these articles, to any order issued by the President, banning non-vegetarian food or alcohol at the official residence.

Also, the Press Information Bureau (PIB), which is a central government agency, tweeted out its fact-check of the claim, calling it fake and that “no such changes have been made”. 

Newschecker got in contact with the Rashtrapati Bhavan Public Relations Officer (PRO) via telephone and e-mail over the claim. At the time of first publishing this article, there has been no response from either. We will update the article once a response is received.

Result: False

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