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Viral Video Of Fan Smashing TV Has No Connection To India Pakistan World Cup Match

Following Pakistan’s loss to India in the Cricket World Cup, a Pakistani fan smashed their television set.

The viral video is not related to the India Pakistan world cup match and this is an old video from Mexico.

After India’s victory over Pakistan in the World Cup match on October 14 2023 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, a video has been circulating claiming that a Pakistani fan reacted out of frustration by smashing their TV and it is being linked to India’s win. The video is being widely shared on X and Facebook. The post can be viewed by clicking here.

Multiple users, including verified accounts on platform X, have shared this video with the same claim. Those can be viewed here, here and here.

Courtesy: Sashank Singh, Mahesh Bhavsar, Debojyoti Goswami (X Profiles)

Some Facebook users have posted the viral video, with similar assertions. The posts can be viewed here & here.

Courtesy: Badshah Khan, Ultimate Nerds (Facebook Profiles)

A few news websites have gone as far as to feature this video’s screengrab as part of their coverage. You can see one such instance by clicking here.

Courtesy: Jagruk Youth News

Fact Check/Verification

In order to ascertain the fact of the viral video, we conducted a Yandex reverse image search. During this process, we came across several Web Links & YouTube links which carried the viral video. One such video link published on December 2, 2022, revealed that the video is neither recent nor related to the India Pakistan World Cup Cricket Match in 2023. The video has been captioned as “Mexico Crazy fan smashes his tv And Stabs it with knife after his team gets Eliminated from the cup.”

Apart from this, many other YouTube channels also uploaded this video in 2022 as the act done by Fan of Mexico. They can be viewed by clicking here and here.

Courtesy: The Hindustan Mirror, Universal 1 News (YouTube Channels)

We again conducted a key-words search in Google with “Mexico fan STABS his TV with a knife”. This time we found many news reports by the leading news outlets around the world, who had incorporated the viral video in their report. One such report published by the popular news outlet The Sun on December 1, 2022 and wrote  – “Watch distraught Mexico fan repeatedly STAB and punch TV after World Cup 2022 exit“

Moreover, the leading news outlet Daily Mail, Sports Brief, OutKick, NewYork Post, Barstool Sports, Express had reported the incident that a Mexican fan destroyed his TV with a knife following Mexico’s World Cup exit on dated 1, December 2022. The match was between Mexico and Saudi Arabia and though Mexico won the match they got eliminated on goal difference.


Thus, our investigation reveals that the viral video is not recent and has no connection with the India Pakistan World Cup match held in Ahmedabad. The video is about a Mexico fan who punched and stabbed his TV following his country’s World Cup exit in 2022.

Result: False

Our Sources:
1. Youtube post published by The Hindustan Mirror, dated December 2, 2022
2. Report published by The Sun, dated December 1, 2022
3. Report published by Daily Mail, dated December 1, 2022

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