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Weekly Wrap: A Look At The Different Claims Viral In India

In the past week, Newschecker received queries that ranged from a false claim stating the New York Times published an article calling PM Modi a “dangerous patriot” to a decade-old image of a crowd gathered around a water tanker in Delhi shared as recent. Additionally, a video of Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene announcing the ‘Fire Fauci Act’ was shared with the caption, “Dr Faucci sacked. US admits virus is man made.”

An Old Image Of Manila’s Garbage-Ridden River Falsely Passed Off As Mumbai’s Mithi River

Social media users falsely passed off an image of Manila’s garbage-ridden river as Mumbai’s Mithi river in a comparison with Sabarmati riverfront in Ahmedabad. 

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False Claim Calling PM Narendra Modi A “Dangerous Patriot” Attributed To New York Times

The claim calling PM Narendra Modi a “dangerous patriot,” and attributed to Joseph Hope, alleged Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times is false. There’s no one named “Joseph Hope” on the NYT team nor have they published the article in context.

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Over A Decade-Old Image Of Crowd Gathered Around Water Tanker In Delhi Shared As Recent

Vijay Goel and other online users shared an image from 2009 of a crowd gathered around a water tanker with the claim that it showed a recent water crisis in Delhi. 

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False Posts On “Dr Fauci Sacked. US Admits Virus Is Man Made” Shared On Social Media

Neither has Dr Fauci been sacked nor has the US government admitted to COVID-19 being man-made. 

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Nikita Vashisth
Nikita is a writer and editor for English fact-checking. She also leads projects to understand the misinformation and fake-news ecosystem—with an emphasis on data and psychology. Previously, she has worked with IndiaSpend, CNN-News18 and written for Citizen Matters and Mongabay-India on the environment, health, and politics. She’s a postgraduate of the Computational Journalism program at Cardiff University, Wales.


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