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Weekly Wrap: A Look At The Different Claims Viral In India

In the past week, Newschecker received claims related to Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district, French President Macron as a human wreath, COVID-19 vaccines, and LPG cylinder taxes. Additionally, Taiwan’s Mazu pilgrimage video was falsely attributed to ‘Victory Celebration In Italy’ a while back on social media.

Video Of Traffic Jam In Pakistan’s Kaghan Valley Shared As ‘Tourists Returning From Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur’

The viral video showing a massive traffic jam on a mountain is not from Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district. It is in fact from Pakistan’s Kaghan valley where tourists flocked to the tourist destination on the weekend of 25 July. 

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Viral Image Of French President Macron As A Human Wreath Is Morphed

The viral image of French President Macron covered in garlands from top to knee as if he were a human wreath is morphed. The original images show him wearing only a few garlands on his arrival in French Polynesia. 

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US Supreme Court Has NOT Ruled That Vaccinated People Are Products Or Patented Goods

The US Supreme Court has NOT ruled that vaccinated people are products, patented goods, and no longer human. Nor do mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines alter the human genome. The claim’s content has no basis in fact. 

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State Government’s Do Not Levy 55% Tax on LPG Cylinders, Viral Message Is False

GST of 5% is levied on the domestic LPG cylinders and no State imposes a 55% tax on it. Also, the Central and the State governments do not levy their own separate taxes on the LPG cylinders. 

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Taiwan’s Mazu Pilgrimage Video Falsely Attributed To ‘Victory Celebration In Italy’

The video of a stream of firecrackers lit on a street is from Taiwan shot during the Mazu pilgrimage. Several online users have falsely attributed this video to ‘victory celebration in Italy’ after their win in Euro Cup 2021. 

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