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Weekly Wrap: A Look At The Different Types Of Claims Viral In India

Farmers have been protesting in various Delhi borders for over two months now. Unsurprisingly, related misleading and false claims have been on the rise. Last week, images of tractors from different years and places were shared in the context of the protesting farmers. An old image of a Delhi cop, as well as an old video of a Mumbai’s local train, were shared with wrong contexts.

Different Images Of Tractors With Spikes Falsely Shared In Farmers’ Protest Context

Tractors’ images in the claim are from different years and places brought together in the current farmers’ protest context to mislead users. 

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Old Image Of Delhi Cop Shared With Misleading Claims Related To Recent Farmers Tractor Rally

Claim attributed with the image of a man wearing casual clothes and a bulletproof jacket is misleading and out of context. It’s an old image and the man in it is in fact a Delhi Police employee. 

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WhatsApp Does Not Record Users Calls Or Have A Tick’s System Indicating Government Surveillance

Claim beginning with “The New Communication Rules for Whatsapp” is false. Whatsapp does not record users calls nor has it introduced a new ticks system which indicates government surveillance. 

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Old Video Of Mumbai’s Local Train Falsely Shared As Recent Scene From Borivali Station

Our research makes it clear that an old video of overcrowding in one of Mumbai’s local trains is being falsely shared as a view of Borivali station after resumption on 1 February 2021. 

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