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Weekly Wrap: False Claims Around 2024 Lok Sabha Polls, Misinformation On Sonam Wangchuk & More

From a clipped video claiming to show Amit Shah calling ‘Modi ki guarantee’ meaningless to an old advert linked to the Congress’ Mahalakshmi scheme, here are our top fact checks from the week:

Lok Sabha Polls

2024 Lok Sabha Polls: Old Ad Shared As Congress’ Campaign Video On Mahalakshmi Scheme

A video showing a woman taunting a female sweeper over her “double duty” as a mother and an employee has grabbed social media attention. The footage is stitched with a clip of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi speaking about the party’s ambitious Mahalakshmi Scheme. Multiple social media users shared the footage stating that the “Congress party has released a brilliant campaign video on Mahalakshmi Scheme.” However, Newschecker found that the video has been clipped from an old Prega News advertisement. Read more here

Did Amit Shah Call ‘Modi Ki Guarantee’ Meaningless? Here’s The Truth Behind Viral Video

A video of BJP leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah allegedly saying, ”guarantees are meaningless” has grabbed eyeballs on social media platforms. Multiple social media users shared the video along with PM Modi’s photo holding the party’s manifesto, and claimed that Shah has exposed “Modi Ki Guarantee.” However, Newschecker found that Shah’s comments on the Congress’ poll promises have been shared out of context. Read more here.

Did Sonam Wangchuk Demand A Referendum In Kashmir? Here’s The Truth Behind Viral Video

Several social media users, including verified handles, shared a video of activist Sonam Wangchuk claiming that he demanded a referendum in Kashmir. In the video, Wangchuk is heard saying, “Any place should be happy. They should go whenever they want to go…You must have heard of referendums, plebiscites…So if everyone thinks like this..then why not in Kashmir?” Newschecker found that the video has been shared out of context. Read more here.

Viral Video Of Night-Vision Search Ops Is Not Related To Iran President’s Chopper Crash

Several social media users shared a video, purportedly showing Turkey deploying night-vision helicopters in search of Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi. Raisi, along with foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahian and six other passengers and crew, were killed in a helicopter crash in East Azerbaijan province on Sunday. Newschecker found that the clip predates the Iran helicopter crash, and actually shows a military drill by the US Army. Read more here.

Old, Unrelated Video Shared To Show Turbulence In Singapore Airlines Flight

One passenger died and multiple suffered injuries as a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore encountered severe turbulence on Tuesday. Social media platforms were soon flooded with unverified images and videos claiming to show the turbulence in the Singapore Airlines flight and its aftermath. One such video recorded by a passenger showing an air stewardess losing her balance has been linked to the recent turbulence in the Singaporean aircraft. Newschecker found that the video dates back to 2019, and has been shared in a false context. Read more here.

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