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Weekly Wrap: Misinformation Around Israel-Hamas Conflict, ICC World Cup & More

From the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict to the ICC World Cup for men’s cricket, social media saw a flurry of false claims in the past week, including a baffling paranormal story of a flight that went missing for 35 years. Here are the top five fact-checks of the week by Newschecker.

2020 Video Of Syrian Father’s ‘Laughing Game’ With Daughter Falsely Linked To Israel-Hamas Conflict
Several social media users circulated a video, claiming that it shows a Palestinian father telling his daughter to laugh every time she hears an air strike so that she does not get scared. Newschecker found that the video dates to 2020 and shows a Syrian father insulating his daughter from trauma by telling her the noise of bombs is part of a game.

Did Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell touch Sachin Tendulkar’s feet after playing a 201-run innings against Afghanistan
A viral photo featuring cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar and Australian player Glenn Maxwell went viral on social media during the ongoing ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. The image depicts Maxwell kneeling before Tendulkar, seemingly touching his feet. Newschecker found that the viral image was created by editing together two different photos.

Viral Video Of French Women Knocking Down Harassers Is Scripted
A video of three women throwing punches at a group of men harassing them in a subway is viral on social media platforms. Those sharing the video claiming that the women were with the ‘French paramilitary’ and that the harassers were north African immigrants, attempting ‘taharrush’, arabic for a mass sexual harassment of women. Newschecker found that the video was scripted.

Viral Story Of Time-Travelling Santiago Flight 513 Is A Work Of Fiction
A video went viral on Whatsapp recently, narrating the perplexing story of one Santiago Flight 513 that purportedly disappeared in 1954 and reappeared after 35 years in 1989. Newschecker found that the viral story was an old hoax report by a US-based humour and satire publication.

Israeli PM’s Nephew Killed By Sniper? Old Video Shared With False Claim
Several social media users shared a video claiming that it shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s nephew, captain Yair, killed by a sniper during the ongoing conflict with Hamas. Newschecker found that the viral video is of an unnamed soldier and predates the 2023 conflict by at least four years.

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