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Weekly Wrap: Misinformation Around Lok Sabha Elections, False Claims On Narayana Murthy & More

With Lok Sabha elections around the corner, and political parties on an offline and online  campaigning spree, social media platforms are abuzz with politically-charged content. And as an expected consequence, politics and polls related misinformation are also seeing an uptick. From misinformation around election procedures to deepfake video targeting Narayana Murthy, here are our top fact checks from the week:

Lok Sabha Elections

Viral Video Of Shoe Being Hurled At Mansukh Mandaviya Is Old

A video of a man hurling a shoe at Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya is being widely shared on social media platforms, with multiple users claiming that it shows a recent incident from Gujarat.  Newschecker found that a 2017 video of a Patidar agitation activist hurling a shoe at Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has been misleadingly shared as a recent incident. Read more here.

2024 Lok Sabha Polls: Viral Message On ‘Challenge Vote’ And ‘Tendered Vote’ Is Misleading

As the country gears for the Lok Sabha polls, a viral WhatsApp forward claiming to spread awareness about “voter’s rights,” by detailing “challenge vote,” and “tender vote” is being widely shared on social media platforms. Newschecker found that the viral post is misleading as there is no provision of any “challenge vote.” Additionally, though “tendered vote” can be casted, there is no mention of any repolling if it exceeds 14%. Read more here.

Congress Did Not Field Candidates From Arunachal Fearing China? False Claim Goes Viral

Multiple social media users attacked the Congress alleging that the grand old party did not field any candidate in Arunachal Pradesh to appease China. Users further claimed that the Rahul Gandhi-led Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra “never entered” the north eastern state. Newschecker found the claims to be untrue. Read more here.

Will Your Aadhaar Card Become Invalid Unless You Update It After 10 Years? Viral Claim is Misleading

A video claiming that it is mandatory to update your Aadhaar card after 10 years to save it  from becoming invalid is going viral on social media. Newschecker’s investigation revealed that while UIDAI recommends Aadhaar holders to update their documents, it is not mandatory, therefore, not updating cards older than 10 years will not make them invalid. Read more here.

Video Of Narayana Murthy Endorsing An AI Trading Platform Is A Deepfake

A video allegedly showing Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy promoting an AI trading platform during an interview has grabbed social media attention. Newschecker’s investigation revealed that the video of Murthy endorsing the AI trading platform has been digitally altered, and is a deepfake. Read more here.

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