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Weekly Wrap: Misinformation Around Manipur Violence, Twitter’s Rebranding & More

From the ongoing clashes in Manipur to Twitter’s new logo, social media saw a spate of false claims in the past week, including a viral video purportedly showing a robot defeating a human in a table tennis game. Here are the top five fact-checks of the week by Newschecker.

AI Trumps Humans? No, CGI Video Of Robot Beating Athlete In Table Tennis Rally Goes Viral

Several social media users are circulating a video of what appears to be a humanoid robot involved in an extended table tennis rally with a human athlete, ultimately winning it, evoking reactions of incredulity at the ease with which the robot managed the point. Newschecker found that the video was made by digitally altering a clip of an actual table tennis rally involving two human players.

Did The Simpsons Predict Twitter’s ‘X’ Rebrand? No, Viral Image Found To Be Edited

A purported image from iconic American animated sitcom, ‘The Simpsons’, went viral with the claim that the show had predicted Twitter’s rebranding to “X”. A screengrab of a scene from the series was altered to show the new Twitter logo, a stylised white “X” against a black background.

2018 Video From US Airport Falsely Claimed As Suicide Of Nigerian Immigrant At Heathrow

Several social media users are circulating a distressing video, claiming that it shows a Nigerian man killing himself by jumping off a floor at London’s Heathrow Airport as he did not want to be deported to his country. The video was found to be from 2018 when a man sustained severe injuries after jumping off a railing, following an argument, at the Atlanta airport in the US.

“Adding Fuel To Crisis, Foolish Act”: Manipur BJP VP On Fake News Identifying Him As Accused

An image of two men in RSS uniform is being shared widely on social media in the context of the recent violence in Manipur, with many claiming that the duo were among the group of men who stripped and paraded the two Kuki women. The image of the BJP state vice president of Manipur and his son, in RSS uniform, has been falsely shared.  

Old Video Of Brutal Murder In Brazil Falsely Shared As Manipur

A horrifying video of a young woman being hacked to death has gone viral on social media with the claim that it happened in Manipur, amid the ongoing violent clashes between ethnic groups. Newschecker learnt that the video dates back to 2020, when a 23-year-old woman was kidnapped and murdered by a criminal group in Brazil.

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