Monday, July 15, 2024
Monday, July 15, 2024

Corrections And Complaints

We are a fact-checking entity aimed to have a positive impact on society. We broadly fact check claims or statements which have the potentiality to affect masses if left unchecked. All reports we publish on our website goes through two levels of checking, the first level being our fact-checkers sending their stories to quality check followed by the quality checker’s approval before it goes for publishing.


If you think there is a mistake, omission, clarification or any change to make an article clearer, please let us know. We are grateful for any input that helps us improve our work. Please send feedback, corrections, complaints or your concerns to by making your comments as clear as possible, if possible with links to reference material or data that is publicly accessible, for us to act quickly. Submissions through these channels are checked daily.

Every comment and feedback is checked by at least two people at Newschecker – a member of staff charged with the responsibility of viewing comments and feedback, who decides what we need to do about it and a senior member of staff, who reviews all comments and feedback to ensure we have not missed anything important. Generally, we try to let you know as soon as we have considered your feedback or comment, and if we are making a change in our article in response to it. If we do decide to make a change, it will be highlighted in the article:

  • In the case of a factual error, a note will be attached to the report and labeled “CORRECTION” with an explanation of what has been changed.
  • In the case of clarifications or updates, a note will be attached and labeled “UPDATE” with an explanation of what has been changed.

Readers are encouraged to comment or write to us with any corrections. All such communication is taken very seriously and relevant corrections are made if they are found to be valid. The “+” button on every page allows a reader to send us feedback or complaints. 

Finally, if you complain about a report but are not happy with our response, we will offer an internal review, and if necessary, our Advisory Board can appoint an independent person to review the complaint.

If you are not happy with our response, you can write to IFCN on this link: