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No, Amul Has Not Organized A Survey To Celebrate Its 75th Anniversary, The Viral Message Is Fabricated


A link to win three thousand dollars on the occasion of Amul’s 75th anniversary is being widely shared on social media.

“Click to participate in the survey. Have a chance to win $3000,” reads the claim.

The post had been shared at least 16 times on Facebook’s public profiles and groups in the last four days.

Screenshot of the data available on CrowdTangle

Twitter users shared screenshots from the survey and tagged Amul’s official Twitter handle –@Amul_Coop– asking if the quiz is genuine.

A Twitter user with the handle name @bmwonthemove shared screenshots of the survey saying he received the message on WhatsApp and tagged the Ministry of Information Technology and Electronics along with Amul asking them to ‘confirm or refute the claim.’


To check the veracity of the claim, Newschecker began the investigation by going through the official website of Amul, which is one of the largest cooperative societies in India.

We found a video released on August 15 to mark the 75th anniversary celebration. But we did not find any information on a “survey” on the occasion.

Further, the link to the survey does not lead to the official website of Amul, instead it takes us to an odd webpage with text, “Congratulations! Amul 75th Anniversary! Through the questionnaire, you will have a chance to get 6000 Rupee.”

Amul 75th anniversary
Screenshot of the survey webpage

An archived link to the webpage can be accessed here.

Answering four trivial questions on the webpage, a pop-up page with text, “You did it! You won 6000 Rupee” comes up.

 Amul 75th anniversary.
Screenshot of the survey webpage with a congratulatory pop-up

While the claim continues to be widely shared on Facebook, Amul had clarified the message as spam on October 9. In a tweet, the co-operative society wrote, “…a fake message is being shared across WhatsApp and other social media with a SPAM link.”

Even after the clarification, we found several fake messages on Amul’s 75th anniversary shared along with malicious links on social media.

Last week, a similar fake claim regarding Tata Group’s 150th-anniversary celebration was viral on social media, Newschecker debunked the fabricated claim. You can read the article here.


Amul is not organizing a campaign to celebrate its 75th anniversary. The viral claim is fabricated with malicious links.

Result: Fabricated

Our sources:

Amul’s official website

Clarification Tweet by Amul

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