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Viral Video Showing ‘Werewolf’ Is Actually Artwork By Special Effects Artist


A video showing a werewolf-like creature lying down on its face and panting heavily is being shared online claiming, ‘this animal with a face like a dog and body like a human is killing people in Telangana.’

Newschecker’s investigation found the animal seen in the video is an artwork created by special effect sculpture artist, Joseph-Rob Cobasky.

The video contains disturbing visuals, viewer discretion is advised.

Video received by Newschecker on the WhatsApp helpline number

The video was also shared several times on YouTube in the past month here, here, and here.

Newschecker received the video on its WhatsApp helpline number (+91 9999499044), to check the veracity of the claim.

Screenshot of the claim received on the WhatsApp helpline number


To check the authenticity of the video, Newschecker ran a reverse image search on several keyframes from the video and found a Tweet dated July 2021 carrying the same video claiming that a werewolf was found and shot in South Africa.

Several YouTube videos from July 2021 also claim the werewolf was found in South Africa here, here, and here, hence the video was not shot recently.

Further Newschecker found a tweet by Stan Winston School that carries an image of the werewolf-like creature lying down on its face and the text says the werewolf was created by Joseph- Rob Cobasky, an SFX sculpture artist.

On running a keyword search for, ‘Joseph- Rob Cobasky werewolf’ we found his Instagram account where he has posted several videos showing how he made the viral werewolf.

Screenshot of Joseph-Rob Cobasky’s Instagram page

Cobasky also posted a video on Instagram saying, ‘…I am hearing over in India and Pakistan you guys are having a viral video of a werewolf going around and killing people and I wanted to tell you that it is not true. I made the werewolf myself…’

Instagram will load in the frontend.

In addition, the same video was shared to claim, a child in West Bengal was attacked by an animal. Newschecker debunked the claim in Bangla, you can read it here.


A sculpture of a werewolf created by an SFX artist is falsely used to claim a werewolf that is attacking people in Telangana.

Result: False

Our Sources

Twitter post by Stan Winston School

Joseph- Rob Cobasky’s Instagram video

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