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Dance Performance Video of Chinese Artists Shared With False Claim


Students present mesmerizing dance performance on Hindu devotional song


Madhu Purnima Kiswar from her twitter handle shared a video of a dance performance with caption ‘Magical performance to the tune of a bhajan sung by two tiny tots–pupils of the one and only @kuldeepmpai

This tweet has got 1.3k retweets and 3.9k likes so far. In this video, dancers can be seen performing on a hindu devotional song and is perfectly synchronised. This video has been shared by many twitter handles.


This video was even shared by Tarek Fatah with a caption ‘The magic of Hindustan’

But many comments in this post claim that this video is not related to India but Thailand or China. To verify the originality of this video we did an image reverse search with the help of screenshots of the video. 

We found a video just like the one which is being shared but with Vande Mataram playing in the background on YouTube. This video was uploaded in 2017. 

Another video we found was uploaded by New China TV, which has more than four lakh subscribers. The caption of the video says ‘Chinese artists present thousand-hand Bodhisattva dance at United Nations’. The video was uploaded in November 2018.

We then searched for an event held in the UN as per the description of the above video. 

It was now clear that the viral video has no connection with India and this video is from New York, where in 2018, disabled artists from China performed Bodhisattva at the UN headquarters. 

Tool used

  • Twitter advanced search
  • Yandex search
  • Google keyword search.

Result: False


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