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A Clip From A Mexican Television Show Is Being Shared With Misleading Claim

A video is going viral on WhatsApp and Sharechat claiming that the man and woman in the video are doctors who treated 75 coronavirus patients and now they both are infected by it. You can see the video below:

Fact Check

If you see the video carefully, it looks cinematic. One can wonder – when the disease is so infectious, who would shoot the two patients from different camera angles? 

Though it was clear that this video cannot be related to the coronavirus pandemic, we tried to find out the source of this video. 

In our research, we firstly did a Google Reverse Image Search on various screenshots taken from the video but did not find anything. We then ran a Yandex Reverse Image Search and found a few similar pictures. 

One of the images took us to a YouTube link. Though, the video was unavailable, taking clues from the title we did a keyword search. 

Search result by the keyword ‘Triumph of love’  can be seen below:

We found a movie named ‘Triumph of Love’ which was released in 2001 but its star cast was different from the viral video. There were many other videos in the result and when we clicked on one of them we found what we were looking for. The viral video is taken from a Mexican series called Triunfo del Amor.

We found the viral clip when a YouTube search was performed. The clip from the series was shared by many users. 

The man and woman in the video are actors, William Levy and Maite Perroni.

Thus, the claim associated with the video is false and misleading. They are not Italian doctors who treated 75 coronavirus patients and got infected but are actors from a Mexican television series called ‘Triunfo del Amor’.

Tools Used

  • Google Reverse Image Search
  • Yandex Reverse Image Search
  • Google Search
  • YouTube Search

Result: False

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Preeti Chauhan
Believing in the notion of 'live and let live’, Preeti feels it's important to counter and check misinformation and prevent people from falling for propaganda, hoaxes, and fake information. She holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from Guru Jambeshawar University and has been a journalist & producer for 9 years.


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