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Tsunami After Turkey Earthquake? No, Viral Video Is From 2011 Japan Tsunami

Amid the news of a strong earthquake hitting Turkey and Syria, social media is inundated with various unverified images, videos, and claims that are being linked to the unfortunate natural disaster. 

The latest in the row is a 14-second video of a Tsunami, which shows a sudden wave of water, flooding what appears to be a main thoroughfare. Before sweeping away vehicles on the road. Users sharing the video claimed that it showed a Tsunami prompted by the Turkey-Syria earthquake. 

 Twitter user @EduMPunjab was among the many users who shared the viral clip claiming that the video shows the Tsunami hitting the coastline of Turkey- Syria because of the earthquake.

Several other social media users have also shared the viral video linking it to the Turkey Syria earthquake.

The archive of the post can be seen here

Fact Check/Verification 

Taking out the keyframes of the video using Invid tool followed by a reverse image search of the same led us to a video on youtube which seems identical to the viral video. 

The video was posted by the US news agency Associated Press on its official youtube channel on 14 March 2011.

The caption of the video reads “Raw Video: Tsunami Wave Smashes Boats and Cars”. 

According to the given description, the video is showing the wave smashing into the Japanese town of Miyako in 2011 during Japan Tsunami. 

On comparing the two videos, we see that the viral video is identical to the video uploaded by AP from 0:23-0:37. 


Thus, we find that the viral video showing a Tsunami wave sweeping away boats and cars is not from Turkey-Syria’s coastline but from Japan, and is over ten years old.

Result: FALSE

Our Sources
Video from Associated press

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