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Here’s The Truth Behind Viral Image Of Couple Having Sex During A Worship Service In Church

An image allegedly showing a couple having sex, during an evangelical worship service in a church, is going viral on social media platforms. The text accompanying the image, which shows two people, lying one on top of the other, reads “Couple unable to have children has intercourse in the middle of an evangelical worship to receive God’s blessing.”

Image: SaffronSunanda/Twitter

Among the many users who shared the image include the handle @SaffronSunanda, with the caption “Hallelujah”. 

Another Twitter user @vikrantkumar also shared the photo with the caption reads “just curious what they’ll ask him to do for someone who has a severe case of constipation” 

The archive of the posts can be seen here and here

Several other users also shared the same image with similar claims. 

Image: Social media/Collage

Fact Check/ Verification 

On reverse-imaging the viral picture over Google and Yandex we found that a similar image has been posted earlier this year in May by a Twitter user @tsheko2020 claiming that “Pastor asked married couple struggling to conceive to have sex inside the church, and in full view of the congregation so that they can also pray for them to conceive”

Image: tsheko2020/twitter

Further Investigation into the matter led us to a media report published in an online media portal named Kanyidaily.com. According to the 6-month-old report “ The viral image  surfaced from a Church in Brazil church. The church has reacted to viral claims across social media and dismissed the report as false and affirmed that the persons lying on the altar were both women. They further explained that a woman had come to the church sick and while proceedings were ongoing she fainted. Their pastor had to get a female minister to lie on the woman as part of the prophetic healing exercise.”

With the help of the report, we also traced back the Church’s Facebook account with the name of Alianc Restaurada. The church also made several clarification posts when the particular obscene image has gone viral over social media in May 2022


The viral image claiming that a couple struggling to conceive have intercourse in the church is misleading. The image is from a church in Brazil and dates back to May 2022. 

Result: False

Our Sources
Media Report from Kanyidaily.com
Brazil Church Facebook Post


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