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Edited Image Of Rana Ayyub On CNN Shared With False Claim

Multiple social media users shared an image of journalist Rana Ayyub on CNN claiming that she said, “You can not hate all the Muslims for just two beheading.”

These claims come after a French teacher was beheaded after allegedly showing caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in class. In the same month, three people were knifed in a church in the southern French city of Nice. The French President Emmanuel Macron called this an “Islamist terrorist attack”.

Fact Check/ Verification 

A reverse image search of Rana Ayub’s photograph in context led us to a March 2020 video posted by a Twitter user. 

Taking cue from this we looked for Ayyub’s interview with CNN in March and found a tweet posted by CNN on 1 March 2020. The tweet read, “Violent communal clashes killed dozens in New Delhi during President Trump’s visit to India. “All this was happening at the same time as Trump was… telling the world that Modi has got everything in control,” Indian journalist @RanaAyyub says.”  

The three-minute video shows the ticker from the claim’s photograph, but with an edited statement in the white box. Also, in CNN’s original video clip, Ayyub did not make the statement claimed by various Twitter users. 

Left: Edited image from claim; Right: Image from CNN's original video clip in March 2020
Left: Edited image from claim; Right: Image from CNN’s original video clip in March 2020

The full CNN segment with Ayyub can be viewed here.

Further, Ayyub dismissed the claim in a tweet stating, “The Indian right wing at it again. Morphed a fake statement on an old image stating that “you cannot hate all muslims for just two beheadings”. This image has been shared a thousand times all over social media and i am sick of battling this disinformation.”

This claim has been debunked in our Hindi fact check as well. 


Rana Ayyub did not make the statement on “just two beheading.” An image from a CNN interview in March 2020 has been edited to spread disinformation. 

Result: False 

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