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Old Video From Mexico Shared As Cattle Washed Away In Flood-Hit Tirupati


A video showing cattle being washed away in muddy water is widely being shared as a video showing the devastating floods in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Newschecker’s investigation found the video to be from July 2020, when storm Hanna caused havoc in Mexico.

The video has garnered over 2,000 views on Twitter and has been shared on Facebook with captions in several languages including English, Tamil and Telugu.  

At least 34 people have been killed due to heavy rain in Andhra Pradesh which has severely hit the southern districts of Chittoor, Kadapa, and Nellore. The temple town of Tirupati witnessed a record rainfall and hundreds of houses near the foothills of Tirumala were inundated.

The video was also shared by TV5 News, a Telugu news channel as part of their reportage on floods in Tirupati.

Screenshot of TV5’s report

Facebook page ‘123Nellore’ also shared the same video last week which has garnered over one million views since November 19.

Screenshot of the video posted on Facebook


To check the veracity of the video, Newschecker ran a reverse image search on several keyframes from the video and found a report by La Jornada, a Spanish daily newspaper based in Mexcico city.

The report dated July 2020 carries a video that looks similar to the viral video claimed to be from Tirupati .

Screenshot of La Jornada’s report

On comparing a few keyframes from both the videos, we found them to be indistinguishable.

Screenshot from the La Jornada report
Screenshot from the viral video

According to La Jornada’s report titled ‘Hanna causes floods in Nayarit (state in western Mexico),’ livestock was washed away in the heavy rain caused due to storm Hanna.

Newschecker also debunked the claim in Tamil. Click here to read our Tamil factcheck.

A google search on storm Hanna led us to other news reports which have also carried the viral video (here and here).

Though cattle/livestock have reportedly been drowned in floods in Andhra Pradesh, this particular video does not show cattles being washed in the state as claimed.


Old video of cattle washed away due to heavy rain is falsely shared as a recent video from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

Result: False

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Times of India

This article was first published by Ramkumar Kaliamurthy in Tamil. It was translated to English by Ujwala P

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