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Viral Video Showing Building Collapse In Turkey Is Three-Years-Old 

A new 45-second video showing a building collapsing into a pile of debris is doing rounds on social media and those who share the video are linking it to the recent Turkey earthquake. 

Among the users who shared the video on Twitter is one @naveedawan78, who tweeted that the video was from  “South #Turkey

Another Twitter handle @manojkrs29 shared the video claiming that the clip is from 6 Feb 2023 and shows the impact of the Turkey earthquake.

Several other social media users have also shared the viral video linking it to the Turkey earthquake.

The archive of the post can be seen here  

Fact Check/Verification 

We began our investigation by splitting the viral video into several keyframes using the Invid tool. We then conducted a reverse image search of the same which led us to a three-year-old report of Mail online news report published on 30 October 2020. 

According to the report “The building collapsed in Turkey after a powerful 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit the country, leaving 21 dead and 725 injured” 

The report also carried videos and pictures of the building with the caption that reads “A destroyed building in Izmir, Turkey, after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake in the Aegean.” On comparing the viral video with the visuals carried in the report,  we found them to be a match, making us conclude that the viral video is indeed from 2020.

We also found that many news outlets like Hindustan times, BBC, CBS, also carried out similar news reports in 2020.


We can thus conclude that the viral video showing a building collapse is a 3-year-old video from Izmir Turkey and had no connection with the recent Turkey-Syria earthquake. 

Result: False

Our Sources
Report published by Mail Online
Report Published by BBC
Report Published by Hindustan times

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