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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Weekly Wrap: A Look At The Different Claims Viral In India

In the past week, Newschecker debunked claims related to COVID-19 vaccines and magnetic power, people violating physical distancing protocol in Manali, and the floods in Dharamshala. Additionally, a fake article claimed to be from BBC was also debunked.

COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Give People Magnetic Power, False Claims Viral Online

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim on COVID-19 vaccines giving people magnetic power. Some people claiming the same have undergone tests to understand more about it. Medical experts, as well as government authorities, have refuted the claim.

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Image Of Unmasked Tourists Violating Physical Distancing Norms Is From Uttarakhand’s Kempty Falls, Not Delhi

The image of unmasked tourists violating physical distancing norms is from Kempty Falls in Uttarakhand, not Delhi. An official at the Uttarakhand Tourism office confirmed that the viral video of unmasked tourists at Kempty Falls near Mussoorie is recent. 

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Viral Landslide Video Attributed To Cloudburst In Dharamshala Is Actually From Japan’s Atami City

The viral video of a landslide tearing down buildings, vehicles, and electric poles on its way is from Japan’s Atami City after heavy rains triggered landslides in early July. 

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Screenshot Of BBC Report On Rahul Gandhi Voted Most Trustworthy Leader Is Fake

The screenshot of an alleged BBC report with the headline, “Rahul Gandhi voted 3rd most trustworthy political leader in the world – poll,” is fake. BBC News did not publish such an article.  

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