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Weekly Wrap: Misinformation Around Morocco Earthquake, Libya Floods & More

From the deadly earthquake that struck Morocco to the devastating floods across Libya, social media saw a deluge of fake news in the past week, including a false claim that Saudi Arabia had carved a gold bust of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here are the top five fact-checks of the week by Newschecker.

Debunking the Seismic Waves Card: Can It Really Hack Your Phone in Seconds?

Following the tragic earthquake in Morocco, a surge of false information has swept across the internet, with the latest rumour surrounding the so-called ‘Seismic Waves Card.’ This mysterious file is purportedly capable of hacking your phone within seconds of being opened, a claim that has gone viral on social media platforms, especially WhatsApp, where users are cautioning one another against opening this file. The viral claim appears to be unfounded as there is no such malware or browser hack.

Rahul Gandhi Photographed With ISI Agent? Know The Truth Behind Viral Image
An image of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is currently on a trip to Europe, has stirred significant interest on social media, with many users claiming it to show the Gandhi scion with an alleged Pakistani ISI agent. Newschecker learnt that the person seen in the image is Fabio Massimo Castaldo, an Italian politician, a former Vice President of the European Parliament, and a current non-attached member.

Ronaldo Opens Up Morocco Hotel For Earthquake Victims? Viral Claim Is False
A 6.8 magnitude earthquake shook Morocco late night on September 10, resulting in massive damage and loss of at least 2,862 lives. However, in the wake of the devastating earthquake, social media users are claiming that ace footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has offered his Hotel Pestana CR7 as a temporary shelter for those who lost their homes in the earthquake.The hotel management has clarified that they are taking bookings as usual, and that no special arrangements have been made for earthquake victims at the hotel.

Gold Bust Of PM Narendra Modi Carved In Gujarat, Not Saudi Arabia As Claimed
Several social media users are circulating a video of a purported golden statue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claiming that it was made in Saudi Arabia. However, Newschecker learnt that the gold bust was actually found to be carved by a Surat jeweller following BJP’s win in the 2022 Gujarat Assembly elections.

Old, Unrelated Videos Shared As Libya Floods
Several social media users are circulating multiple videos, purportedly of the devastating floods in Libya, particularly Derna, where at least 11,000 people have been killed. The viral videos were found to be of old, extreme-weather events in Japan, Saudi Arabia and Spain.

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